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Vert Shock Reviews

Vert Shock Reviews

Vert Shock Reviews – One of the things I get each time I open my inbox is emails from people asking me if I tried Adam Folker’s Vert Shock program. For a lot of months my answer was “No, I haven’t tried it“, but after a while I bought tired of people bugging me with this question over and over and not being able to enable them to, so I made a decision to do something regarding it.

I knew I won’t have enough time to complete the program myself because my schedule is merely too packed, so I decided the best thing to do is to bring you my friend Phil here, having tried the program on himself and tested it thoroughly and I asked him to share his thoughts about it.

So without further ado, Phil, the stage is yours…

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Review of: Vert Shock

Rating: 5

Vert Shock Reviews is a new effective program that will increase your vertical quickly. The program was created by one of the better dunkers in the world and provides full support with some of the most advanced vertical leap tricks I’ve ever seen. if you’re seeking to increase your vertical, Vert Shock is gonna give you the fastest results.

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Perfecting their vertical jump is what’s brought athletes like Jordan and Lebron to greatness, helping them earn a lot of respect for themselves and make their legacy. In basketball, the ability to jump high is important requirement for completing even the most basic simple dunk.

Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review

For me, it was once that my vertical was the source of all my troubles on the court because I simply couldn’t get that high off the ground. My problem was so bad which i just labored on improving other aspects of my game, letting go of on having the capability to jump high, hoping that impressing people with my three-pointers and hit ratios would be enough to draw attention away from me being suck at jumping.

It didn’t take long in my opinion to realize that my game needed to be well-rounded. Sure, every good player has their own personal special talent and skill, but there’s something to get said for mastering the basic principles. I might struggle to slam the ball within the rim like Blake Griffin does (despite the fact that I wanted to), but I still needed to experience a chance when playing under the rim.

So, I set about locating a solution. I trained hard by following all advice I could possibly find concerning how to increase my jump. I made some progress, however, not much, until I found out about Vert Shock Reviews by Adam Folker and decided to give it a shot.

What Exactly Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock can be a new vertical jump training system designed by Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington. It was made specifically to help athletes improve their vertical jump.

The program guarantees to boost your vertical by 9-15 inches in the course of just 8 weeks and get you dunking in no time. It’s a pretty bold statement and if you know me you’d know I don’t believe in fairy tales and magic solutions…

Nevertheless, I didn’t let it stop me from trying it for the reason that guys who created it, Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’, are pretty famous in addition to their name is attached to this method so they won’t waste their time developing a scam product.

That Is Adam Folker?

Vert Shock

Vert Shock

Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant

Adam Folker is the guy who created Vert Shock, already in high school Adam made a reputation for himself as he was selected as one of the top 5 high school basketball players in Canada. After that he played Division-I basketball in the NCAA for UC Irvine, now he’s playing professional basketball player overseas.

But Adam wasn’t always a great athlete, he actually confessed that in his youth he could barely touch the rim (a lot like me) and that he wasn’t at all an athletic guy, which is quite a statement for a UC Irvine center that’s actually trained NBA players to dunk. When I heard that, I knew anything he had to say about vertical jumping would at least show to be helpful to me.

Vert Shock and his Folker System is among the training programs he offers. This guy is helping not merely athletes, but all sorts of individuals to get fit and improve their athletic ability.

Who Seems To Be Justin ‘Jus Fly’?

Seriously, if you don’t know who Justin Darlington is and you’re a passionate baller then you’ve probably been living within rock within the last 2 years.

Justin Darlington aka ‘Jus Fly’ is one of the world sickest dunkers. It’s estimated that his vertical is 53 inches and he provides it to produce himself a name by traveling the world winning some serious big boy dunk contests, including the Nike Dunk Contest with King James and Anthony Davis.


Justin ‘Jus Fly’ winning the Nike Dunk Contest With Lebron James and Anthony Davis

Jus Fly has helped build this program and thru his training and experience he discovered some really amazing hacks and techniques that can dramatically increase your vertical.

This guy is really damn good that the NBA even took him to exercise some big name players like DeMar DeRozan from your Raptors.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

The system is broken down into 3 different phases. All the information comes such as a software with guides and videos that users can access online. The program was designed to be an 8 week training course.

Here’s a relevant video that explains in more detail just how the program works:

Already from the first stage, which is referred to as the Pre-Shock phase, you may improve your vertical by 3 to 5 inches. This stage lasts for the first week and is designed to buy your body ready for the training that is about to come.

Developing next we now have the Shock-Phase, which is a full 6 week phase that actually shocks the central nervous system and stimulates your muscle mass to react blazingly fast in order to create those high explosion leaps.

Finally, there’s the Post-Shock phase, which is simply for sealing in your newly obtained gains and making your muscles accustomed to the fast neurological response.

My Results

If you’re still skeptical that’s completely understandable. Like I mentioned before, I needed tried all sorts of advice and jump guides before I discovered Vert-Shock.


I was skeptical too…

Actually with you some of the stuff I did so before finding this program did help me, but only a tiny bit. Yet most of the stuff I did, did not assist me to at all! I’ve had this experience with many programs/products in the past and eventually they proved to be a big waste of my hard-earned money and time. Thus I definitely understand if you’re skeptic (I used to be too).

Nevertheless I have to tell you that there’s nothing which has worked for me personally as well as Vert Shock Reviews and also Jesse (who may have finally spent the time to try it) has now come to agreement with me that it’s currently the best vertical jump program on the market. For me, nothing comes close to it in terms of price (there’s also a discount) and efficiency, it’s the cure I had been expecting all that time.

And now, after 2 months down the road, I could finally claim that I don’t have to rely only in my jump shot to survive about the court, my game is more rounded and other people are definitely noticing the difference.

Opponents that once thought they had me all discovered now don’t know what you can do about me. They can’t handle the fact that I’m catching alley-oops, dunking on their face and blocking their shots. I’ve managed to overcome one of my greatest limitations in the game which my friends, can take place to you too.

I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging, I know I’m far from being inducted into the hall of fame (and that i have a great deal of respect should you have) but I do want you to know that Vert Shock Review is actually a solution that really works.

Here are my results using the program after only three months:


Up to now the secrets to Vert Shock Review were used to enhance the jump height of pros who have been only in the elite.

But what’s interesting about this product is that though it was designed for pro athletes, in actuality it provides proven to get results for anyone on any fitness level, thus basically anyone who would like to improve his jumping ability and jump higher can be helped by Vert Shock Review.

Here are among the benefits of this system:

vert-shock-resultsAn simple to follow step-by-step guidance.

Backed by years of scientific research and founded upon proven training principles.

Keeps you protected from injuries and overtraining (crucial once you start jumping high).

Works on all the elements of vertical jumping to help you get results faster.

Saves you time by avoiding ineffective techniques and focusing only on what is proven to work.

Commitment to ensuring your success – the Authors Adam Folker and Justin Jus Fly guarantee to get you results.

Can help you add as much as 15 inches for your vertical!


There’s merely one main reason why Vert Shock might not help everybody, and that’s the truth that it’s not some sort of magical cure. Although some may chase their dream about a higher vertical by opting for special shoes and gimmicks, the truth is that having the ability to jump high is something that will require training and effort.

Vert Shock is a training curriculum that takes being committed to the outcome for full 8 weeks. So if you really wanna see results, there’s just no other way, you need to follow the instructions as-is and you can’t slack off. But should you do everything it says the reward is merely priceless and you’re guaranteed to get the trophy.

Jump Like Justin Workout

Edit: I had to add a section about this workout since a lot of people have been asking me about it and thinking about the results it gave me, it’s well deserved to be mentioned here.

The Jump Like Justin Workout is something I missed out on the first time when doing Vert Shock. As you are all aware I did this software twice, but also in the second time I did something different, I combined the program with the Jump Like Justin Workout.

Basically, not everything Justin knows is shared on Vert Shock, a few of the things he keeps to himself because he doesn’t want his secret techniques, which took him years to find out, to be given to just about anyone.

Luckily for people, he does reveal these advanced methods of his “Jump Like Justin” workout, and let me tell you right now, if you thought Vert Shock was good… wait until you’ll see Justin’s workout!

Let’s put it this way, Justin’s workout is what’s responsible for me adding an additional 5-6 inches to my vertical during the second time of doing Vert Shock.

Plain and simple, this workout is all about technique and minimizing mistakes. It helps you perfect your form to a degree of top performance athletes like Rose and Lebron.

The best thing is that this workout integrates perfectly with Vert Shock, it only takes about 10-20 minutes and yes it really helps get the max out of each session. I felt that each time I did so Justin’s workout it helped me get to the improvement zone faster and more easily.


Vert Shock Jump Like Justin = More Inches

My only regret is that I didn’t take this workout the first time, because it would have save me considerable time and the need of re-doing this software over again.

So if you’re going to take Vert Shock I definitely recommend combining it using the Jump Like Justin workout for maximum effectiveness. You will get considerably faster results along with it due to its highly synergistic effect with the program.

Free PDF Download

This can be something I’ve discovered only recently, but as it turns out the guys over at thincpro has went completely nuts and they’ve decided to put out a FREE pdf file that let’s you in on some of the training materials from inside the program.

It’s crazy, but this little free pdf contains some of the finest workouts and principals that this program teaches and it’s something which will help you go out there today and increase as much as 4 inches on your vertical without spending a penny.

They used to sell this informative guide for $17 then again all of a sudden they decided they need to give more and more people a chance to improve their vertical, so now

the file is available to anyone free of charge and it can be downloaded from their website.

I’m not sure how long they’ll keep this free resource up as this is strictly inside info, so I recommend you to go ahead and grab this download now while it’s still available as they usually takes it down at any moment.

Just Click Here To Download Vert Shock’s Free Guide


When it comes down to it, if you want to jump higher, you just found the best system on earth to achieve this. Any other way would simply be a waste of time.

Whether you’re old, young, or somewhere in-between, whether you’re a pro or just someone who likes to shoot hoops in the driveway, this system is the key to jumping higher and jumping better. As you have seen from my results this method has really taken my game to a whole new level and it can do the same for you.

So if you’re still struggling to enhance you’re vertical and you’re trying to get your hands above the rim, put Vert Shock for the test and give it a try, you’ll be amazed of methods fast it is possible to become a beast hopper in the event you train correctly.

Hey there! I am James, a 29-years old basketball addict from NY.

When I was little, my Dad mounted a basketball hoop for the garage inside our driveway and so i immediately fell in love with the game! I loved it so much, I would sometimes shoot free throws for hours even if there is snow inside the driveway!

A few of my fondest childhood memories are my first dunks on this shaky little hoop which was hanging at maybe 8 feet. Soo much fun! One day, I have done my best Shaquille O’Neal impression and tore down the whole hoop with a violent tomahawk dunk ??

After that we installed an excellent regular 10ft hoop and also the days of dunking in my driveway were over…

My draft combine measurements:

Age: 29

Height: 6′ 0”

Standing Reach: 7′ 11”


As being a basketball player, I never got anywhere near professional level, however i always played for fun on teams in various local German leagues.

During my time at school and university, I used to be quite athletic. I was never an increased flyer who was dunking over other people in traffic, however i could grab the rim pretty easily and was quite proficient at getting offensive rebounds.

Then about 2 yrs ago I did so about 4 weeks of the Jump Manual program together with a friend and after that, I was able to squeeze in a couple of dunks on a very good day. Check out my detailed comparison of Vert Shock vs Jump Manual if you want to know more.

If you have ever dunked a basketball, even perhaps on a smaller basket, you already know that it is just a fantastic feeling! Ever since then I always imagined being able to dunk consistently and with authority!

Unfortunately, once I got my first real job I was without the discipline to got to the gym just as much as before and spent Far too many evenings on the couch, eating potato chips and binging on Netflix series.

Of course, this didn’t help my athleticism at all and i also got slower and less explosive every year. After last basketball season ended I was so annoyed by my insufficient hops which i decided to change!

The goal I set for myself: To be able to dunk again before I turn 30!

Furthermore, i wanted to improve my overall athleticism while i had really lost quickness on my starting point, I didn’t get several rebounds when i used to and my defense was just plain bad because I didn’t have the lateral speed to protect opposing point guards…

About the Vert Shock Program

To be able to reach my goal and increase my vertical jump enough to dunk I first had to find a good training program. So, one boring day at work I browsed the world wide web searching for the perfect workout program. That’s when I stumbled upon Vert Shock.

The program promises an increase of 9-15 inches on your vertical jump in only 8 weeks. And I won’t lie, in the beginning, this made me a bit uneasy because it sounded like one of these empty promises like “Lose 20 pounds in 5 days..” the truth is everywhere online.

But otherwise, the web page made a very professional and trustworthy impression and the 60-day money back guarantee finally won me over.

Adam Folker and Kobe Bryant

Free Vert Shock Ebook

Adam Folker also offers a no cost Vert Shock ebook where he shares great advice on:

Best stretching exercises to instantly boost your vertical jump

What kind of shoes to wear when attempting to jump high

Correct jumping technique to maximize jump height

And other sneaky ‘hacks’ directly from the NBA

If you are interested you can check it all out yourself here:

You are about to jump WAY higher!

Take this FREE book and learn how to jump 4 inches higher in

under an hour or so using ‘sneaky’ NBA/NFL pro hacks.

$17? ?? FREE!

Send me the free ebook!

The Dwelling of Vert Shock

The 8 week training program is divided into three parts:

1. Pre-Shock Phase

The Pre-Shock phase is the first week of the program. This week will “shock your body” and get you ready for the following weeks of the program. You will be exercising on 6 out of 7 days, resting only during day 4.

2. Shock Phase

Week 2 until week 7 is called the Shock Phase. Here is the meat from the program and in most cases contains between 4-6 workouts a week. These workouts range between strength exercises for your legs and core to jumping-specific movements to intense plyometric exercises.

3. Post Shock Phase

Week 8 is called the Post Shock Phase. It is a week of six very intense training sessions with only one day of rest in between. By now, after seven weeks of training, you should be feeling a little stiff and the warm-ups are, therefore, even more important.

The Vert Shock Exercises

All exercises, as well as the specific warm-up and cool-down programs, are explained in great detail by Adam in high-resolution videos. These videos can be found on just about every page and tell you everything you should know about the workouts.

The exercises do not require any heavy weightlifting which is great for athletes who have no access to a weight room! Strength workouts are all performed with bodyweight or a basketball. The training program itself is available as PDF and can be downloaded and printed out or saved on any PC, cell phone or tablet.

I personally would have liked if there was even more text on why the workout was made the way it is. I am somewhat of a bookworm and I like to understand the theoretical basis of workouts. I know that this point won’t be relevant to most readers, but when you are interested in a deeper know-how about the mechanics and the training of the vertical jump I could recommend the publication Vertical Foundation by Joel Smith.

In the 8-week exercise program you will be doing 41!!! workouts in 56 days. These workouts are tailored towards different goals:

Advanced plyometrics: Intense jumping specific exercises with an emphasis on short ground contact-times

Core strength: Planks and different static core strengthening exercises are important to prepare the body for top-impact jumping exercises

Power: Exercises like deep squat jumps increase the strength and power in your lower body which is very important in order to increase your vertical jump.

The various focal points of the exercises allow various parts of your body enough time to rest between workouts. For example, you will never do two heavy plyometrics workouts on subsequent days.

When I first bought the program along with a look at the particular training program, first thing that came to my mind was:

Damn that’s plenty of exercises weekly!


creator of

But also in my personal experience, the workload is hard but manageable. Just once after week 6 did I take a rest for two additional days because my body was feeling really tired and I wanted to prevent unnecessary injuries.

About Injury concerns

Before I started the workout I was really worried that my knees would not respond well to the training program. I have had knee problems before, and at the same time had to stop playing basketball for a while because I could barely climb stairs because of a strange stinging pain in my left knee at certain angles.

Ironically, after the Vert Shock program, my knees feel better than before! For the first time during my life, I stuck to some stretching routine as part of the cooldown and I seen that I had a crazy shortened left quad. Therefore, I put some additional work into loosening my quads and therefore has really made a big difference! I recently wish I had known in the positive impact of stretching before, Normally i thought that stretching would decrease my vertical and therefore completely ignored it… (Stupid me!)

My Outcomes of 8 Weeks of Vert Shock

Alright, let’s arrive at the real interesting part! Does Vert Shock work?

Before Vert Shock (29″ vertical)

In order to assess my improvements, I measured my vertical jump before the beginning of the training. The result was a 29″ running max, which can be actually pretty good as it allowed me to get the rim pretty easily and gave me great hope that I would be dunking soon!

Vertical Jump before Vert Shock

My Pre Shock Phase

Week 1 was one of the hardest weeks during my training. After becoming a couch potato for far too long, my body was clearly shocked from the six intense workouts in seven days.

Below you can see some pictures in the park where I usually did my workouts. This was surprisingly fun, plus a great change of pace after being placed in a cubicle from 9-to-5.

As you can see you will find enough park benches of varying heights to do box jumps, depth jumps etc. There is a small hill for intense sprints!?

Some impressions from the workouts

Overall, an average workout session took me about an hour to finish. This already includes the dynamic warm-up and the cooldown period! So that you won’t have to spend hours each day working on your vertical jump.

Even though I needed planned to consider weekly videos of my progress, after week 1 I was just too tired to test my vertical. In retrospect, I think that this was a good idea because i doubt the outcome would have been pretty.

First improvements in week 2 (32″ vertical)

In week 2 I had been feeling considerably better so I made a decision to use the day off to head? to my favourite basketball court and take a few videos of some dunk attempts.

Fourteen days of hard training had increased my vertical by 3 inches already and so i was not far from dunking initially in a while!?

32 inch vertical after week 4 of Vert Shock

Almost dunking… Read more about my second week of Vert Shock here.

The initial dunk after 4 weeks (35″ vertical)

Weeks 2 and 3 were pretty much business as usual. I kept on making an effort and my vertical jump increased steadily. When testing my vertical after week 3 I was really near dunking, but somehow the ball just wouldn’t decrease!

But then after week 4 I was walking to the basketball court and that i got this strong feeling that today would be the day of my first dunk. My legs were really feeling good and springy, the weather was hot (helping to make warming up much easier) and I was totally excited and pumped.

After doing my dynamic warm-up for roughly 20 minutes and trying some jumps without the basketball, I acquired my basketball ball and tried some dunks. I do believe I missed the first three attempts, but I could think that it was incredibly close. And also on the fourth attempt I nailed it!

I threw down my first dunk after only 4 weeks! I was so happy that the hard work paid of so quickly. That provided a huge boost to my motivation. I had increased my vertical by over 5 inches in only 4 weeks, if I could do the same in the next 4 weeks I could do all kinds of dunks!

Vert Shock results after week 4

Testing my vertical after 4 weeks of Vert Shock

Stagnation in week 6 (35″ vertical)

Until week 5 everything thing went exactly as planned as well as better. I increased my vertical jump each week and i also was already dunking consistently with two hands. I already pictured myself throwing down windmills, 360’s and between the leg dunks! Winning my first dunking contest could only be a matter of weeks!

Unfortunately, week 6 was the first week where my vertical jump actually decreased. After 30 workouts in only 42 days, my legs felt really heavy and that i was just absolutely tired.

So, I decided to take a couple days off, and acquire some well deserved rest for my aching legs…?

The final push in the last 2 weeks (37″ vertical)

After my short break after week 6, I found myself back to training with great enthusiasm. During week 7 I was still not feeling great having said that i was to dunking easily even though my hamstring was actually tight and I wasn’t feeling as loose and explosive as I had hoped after my rest. I guess thats the first signs and symptoms of father time catching with me, five-years ago I would have been bursting with power after two days of not doing anything….

By week 8 autumn had arrived here in Germany and it started to rain daily. So I were required to do the vast majority of workouts of my final week in pouring rain – what a finish!

Fortunately, autumn also meant that the institution gym where my team practices opened again. So for the first time, I was able to test my vertical on an indoor floor. And the additional traction of the dirt and dust free floor really showed. My vertical jump was up to and including new personal record of 37 inches. I wasn’t quite capable to reach my ambitious goal of 40 inches, but I was damn close!

Final Vert Shock Results after 8 weeks

Get started today and download Vert Shock here!

And my teammates couldn’t believe the way I found myself dunking!!! Three different guys asked me how tall I had been, ?and could’t believe that a 6ft tall white guy could dunk like that ?? Once the practice I had been throwing alley-oops and trying all sorts of dunks with the tall guys on the team, as I am now definitely the smallest guy on the team who will be able to dunk. And thats really a great reward for all the work in the last 8 weeks!!

[EDIT: 90 days after finishing Vert Shock ]

I had been asked on YouTube and via Email in the event the increased vertical quickly vanished after I stopped doing Vert Shock. The quick answer: NO!

I haven’t done a whole lot of jump specific training lately, even though Vert Shock provides you with a maintenance program which you can do once a week.

However, I have been dunking a whole lot during and after basketball practices as it is just so enjoyable and so far I was able to keep my 37″ vertical. In reality, I am already planning my next round of Vert Shock in the upcoming off-season. I still want to reach my goal of a 40 inch vertical and throw down some windmills!!!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I recommend this system to every basketball player that is determined to increase his vertical jump. You will not only jump higher, but you will additionally gain a great deal of quickness and overall athleticism which will help with some other parts of your game like rebounding, defense and penetration.

Vert Shock focuses heavily on plyometrics and is therefore especially designed for basketball players who have no access to a gym or have little experience with weightlifting. No equipment except for basketball (or a medicine ball) is essential for the workouts.

However in case you are already jumping very high (around 40 inches) and you have no prior weightlifting experience, this program might not give you the expected results as your plyometrics are already very advanced. In this case, a program like Jump Manual which focuses more on strength might suit you better. Find out more about how both the programs compare here.